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Discovering  Bavaria



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   Bavaria – a great place for your next vacation!    


Bavaria is full of fascinating places to see. It's a little smaller than South Carolina in area, but over 12 million people live here in 2056 municipalities. Many of the municipalities include several villages - and all of them have their own history and special character. The churches and town halls, convents and monasteries, breweries and inns, farmhouses and castles - they all have stories to tell.


And the landscape is fascinating, too: the breathtaking views of and in the Alps, the flatter areas along the Main and Danube rivers, the dense forests, sparkling lakes and gently rolling hills in other areas - and everywhere there are picturesque villages and towns to explore. Wonderful hiking and biking trails lead from one lovely place to another - and there are always good places to eat along the way! Or you can take the train and relax as you watch the countryside go past your window until you reach your next destination. 



Travel agents offer many group tours of Bavaria, often based on special themes. It's a good way to get your first impression of this captivating area. 


But some people don’t like the idea of travelling with a group or being tied to a set schedule, yet at the same time they are nervous about planning their own trip for any number of reasons – because they don’t speak German, they don’t know exactly what they would like to see, or they are not sure how to get around.  


It’s easier than you might think - that’s what this website is all about. 


First of all, language is almost never a problem because so many people speak and understand English.


The cities generally have excellent mass transit systems that include towns and villages in the surrounding areas, and you can travel to a lot of places by train and bus. Most of the roads are good and well kept. 


With the help of the internet, it’s easy to book a hotel or bed and breakfast almost anywhere.   


There are official “tourist roads” that you can follow at your own pace for as long as you choose – the most famous of these is the Romantic Road, but there are lots of others and we want to introduce several of them to you. 


You can make firm plans and follow them or be more spontaneous - it's up to you! 

We want to provide inspiration and information so you can begin to discover Bavaria for yourself


Viel Spaß!! (Have fun!)