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Discovering  Bavaria



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Bavarian Breweries

Bavaria is famous all over the world for its beer. Actually, German beer in general has a great reputation. To a great extent, this is due to the German "Reinheitsgebot" - the German Beer Purity Law that was enacted in Bavaria in the early 16th century and spread to all of Germany. Originally, it limited the ingredients that could be used to make beer to water, hops, and barley-malt. The Bavarian government insisted on it becoming part of German law before agreeing to become part of Germany in 1871.

Today the law has changed, but German brewers are still very proud of their long beer tradition and many adhere to the old purity law voluntarily.

In Germany, several different types of beer can be found. Click here for more detailled information about them. To start out with, it's probably enough to know about the following types

"Helles Bier" (light beer): a lighter colored beer that is sometimes called "Lager" or "Export". It contains 4.5 - 6 % alcohol.

Light beerGünter Havlena,

"Dunkles Bier" (dark beer): as the name says, a darker, heavier, somewhat sweeter beer.

"Pils" (pilsner): a light-colored beer with a more prominent taste of hops.

"Weißbier" or "Weizenbier" (wheat beer): a top-fermented beer made using wheat with lots of natural carbonation.

Once you've tried all of these, you can experiment with lots of local specialties.

Most cities of any size have at least one brewery - there are over 600 of them in Bavaria. Many  have their own pubs or restaurants and offer tours for visitors.

In earlier times, lots of beer was brewed in monasteries and many of those breweries are still in existence. Most of them have been secularized, but there are still present-day monasteries that offer beer: 

Andechs, a Benedictine monastery that was started in the 15th century

Ettal, another Benedictine monastery dating from the 16th century

Kreuzberg, a Franciscan monastery brewery since 1731

Weltenburg is the oldest monastery in Bavaria (600 AD) and beer has been brewed there since 1050 AD!

German beer gardens are great places to enjoy a warm summer afternoon or evening. In addition to different types of beer - and soft drinks, of course! - they offer a selection of simple meals. Sometimes musical entertainment is provided, too.