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Discovering  Bavaria



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The Glass Road

The first glassmakers in Germany were brought here by the Romans, but after they left, it wasn't until the Middle Ages that Germans rediscovered the art of making glass. By the end of the 17th century, there were about 60 glass factories and the area in the eastern part of Bavaria gradually developed into an important center for glassmaking.


Today in the Bavarian Forest and the Upper Palatinate Forest close to the border with the Czech Republic, the Glass Road takes you to many sites where you can see antique and brand new glass as well as picturesque towns and villages and lovely landscape. There are factories that use the most modern production techniques and small artisan shops that rely on traditional craftsmanship. In glass museums, interesting articles from the past are on display, and in glass galleries, the latest glass innovations can be viewed. You can even watch glass being made at some of the glassworks

All along the way, there are shops and outlets at some of the glass factories.

Here is some more information on the Glass Road:

It runs for a total of about 250 kilometers, from Neustadt a.d. Waldnaab, the European center of lead crystal which exports its goods all over the world, to Passau with its Glass Museum with 15,000 glass articles from a variety of time periods on display.

In between looking at and buying glass, you can walk or cycle or drive through beautiful landscape and enjoy Bavarian cuisine.